But what is the profile of the man or woman who decides to buy a doll / or realistic sex dolls and has $ 5,900, the minimum amount to be disbursed to gain the most modest version of one of these gods silicone? According recognizes Krivicke, “the vast majority of our buyers are people fascinated by the human body and as” healthy “as anyone you can run into on the street.” Not only are sexual reasons that lead someone to buy these products and satisfy their fantasies. Some also seek “a doll that will help them emotionally after the loss of a loved one, since during the duel are unable to embark on a new relationship. Wrists then act as a “bridge” until confidence returns (…) Some couples find that the mannequins are a safe way to introduce a third party, since there are no feelings involved. It is another way of sexual exploration, but hornless. The realistic sex dolls can also play the role of sexual surrogates when one member of the couple can not enjoy sex, usually for health reasons, and do not want someone else “.

Sinthetics is also sensitive to other groups with different sexual orientations, especially transsexuals and trans mannequins offers and hermaphrodites. There is only one thing that these sex machines angelic should not do often because it can significantly advance its expiration date. Guess what? Nothing more and nothing less than oral sex. As this “little inconvenience” can take away the desire to play more than one, the company has already sought a solution that provides extensive explanations on its website.

Creativity Sinthetics and his desire to cover a broad spectrum of sexual fantasies led him to invent the realistic sex dolls, a vagina inserted in an ankle, for foot fetishists, or for those who can not afford the added cost of a body feet a head, and be content with the base.

The world of sex dolls has a healthy market, and this makes the minds start operating and designing increasingly realistic prototypes.

Imagine a world where vibrators have been moving from the genitals to the whole body, playing a perfect human beings for sex, begins to cease to belong to the genre of science fiction. According to psychologist and sexologist Ana Sierra, with consultation in the Willow Foundation in Madrid, “there is a paraphilia called the androidismo where people are excited only with androids, dolls or robots. Of course, formerly they considered paraphilias to masturbation and oral sex. I’ve never prescribed an inflatable doll, but if it serves to cultivate eroticism and try new things seem right. The problem, as in everything, is when this practice becomes obsessive and exclusive. That is, leaves no room or other space; or, in this case, it becomes a substitute for human relationships. We need physical contact, work, social skills, share, and I do not mean just the physical part, but the energy or the psychological pleasure that generates sex or feel wanted by someone. ”

For now, those who want to start playing with dolls can opt for a low cost option in this case by the name of Snugamate and consisting of a soft, plush stuffed man, who also doubles as a pillow. Its features are very limited but its benefits are countless: no slacks off when washing dishes, leaves open the toothpaste, not mea outside INODOR cup or … Come on, What a gem!

realistic sex dolls

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