Even the most open-minded would bow a complaint with the idea of ​​buying a sex doll, while the vast majority tends to see the fans of these artifacts as perverts. But as Matt Krivicke, a sculptor who left his job as a creator of masks for Halloween and now part of the team Sinthetics -a company based in Los Angeles and that makes the most perfect and realistic sex dolls market- says, ” people do not put many objections to a dildo because it has amputated the entire body. No face, no arms, no legs, no six pack abs or beer belly. It’s just a penis and that’s the last thing that we would excuses. ” Krivicke words, outputs an interview published in The Independent, are not without some common sense.
The truth is that the business of hyper-realistic sex dolls is booming and there are communities and forums on the Internet, as realistic-sex-dolls.com, where people who have bought one of them hang photos and share their experiences. As in the real couples, after some time of fellowship sex begins to stop being so frequent and eventually disappears. But wrists still require care. You have to comb, dress them, change their position and choose the best accessories to go with your personality.
According Krivicke account in the interview, Sinthetics not produce the Chinese way, but quite the opposite. Its like they prefer to call them dummies are made only on request and to consumer tastes, so that each doll has its own look and personality. The client, as shown in the web of this company, you can choose almost everything: height, build, hair color and skin, breast size, vagina or penis, eye color. The variables are endless and far exceed those of the trattorias that make pizzas to order. You can also order a doll / or similar to the former, but to start giving life to this avatar, the company requires the consent of the person to whom it is going to look like. Some also dream of mannequins that are twice or a famous celebrity. In this case, the company tries to find a middle ground between customer satisfaction and create a clone of Beyoncé, Kate Moss and Brad Pitt, changing features so that there is only a certain reasonable likeness.
Although not all dream of perfection, and this sculptor remembers how old a client commissioned a doll with wrinkles and crow’s feet that were closer and had more in common with him. The company is flexible and adapts to the tastes of its consumers, except in one case, when asked mannequins with boyish. “We do not do that kind of orders, we had some incidents that and in the end we had to call the authorities” says Krivicke in the interview.

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