The director of the company REALISTIC SEX DOLL expected in the coming years silicone dolls revolutionize the industry to be able to interact with their buyers.

The future shown by science fiction where humans coexist happily together with robots is getting closer. Therefore, it is expected that in the next two years will be on sale silicone sex dolls with artificial intelligence.

They have become a luxury product, ranging between 1,500 and 5,000 euros. A growing business capiteneado by two California companies. We analyze the phenomenon.

Experts in robotics and artificial intelligence predict that by 2050 realistic sex dolls are now available to invade our beds and surely provide programmable orgasms in duration and intensity. It is also likely that in the future many people choose to have these humanoids as companions and even decide to marry them. Perhaps the laws of the countries, always behind social demands, will start gradually opening and eventually allowing such unions, which will be held as we do with the acceptance of gay marriage, after awareness campaigns to citizenship slogans like “androids also feel” or “love is not just a matter of skin.”

For the moment, while that -to get some happy, others dantesco- future, many are content to play dolls. sexual manikins, which are not nearly as sophisticated as the androids of the future, but increasingly are more refined. Beings of near real appearance, with eyelashes and natural hair, which can be linked to get to practice a considerable percentage of the positions of the Kamasutra. Women, and men, who do not age, whose skin is very similar to human touch and sexual organs and bodies that can store the temperature, so that the lack of “warmth” is not an impediment to prove, and even enjoy these sophisticated sex toys. Luxury products ranging from 5,000 euros (the simplest models) to 25,000.


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